This is a process based on ultra violet radiation ( wave length 254 nm ) for the production of microbiological clear water: there is no change in taste or colour when using this method.

This technology is found in many household applications in addition to the,food-, pharmacy-, beverage industries.. The housing of stainless steel and controlling with indication of ultra-violet radiation and working hours.

This is one of the oldest technologies but it is still a widely practiced procedure for water disinfection. Depending on the scenarios, chlorine is used in many forms including: Gaseous chlorine, chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite.
In view of its aggressiveness and toxicity, its handling must be very carefully managed in both production ( chlorine dioxide ) and in application. In city water pipelines we must take care not to have neither a high concentration at the beginning and a none too small concentration in the end.
From bottled water to water for washing that comes in contact with food, the chlorine must be fully removed. Therefore, we dedicate very special attention to chlorine measuring instruments.

This is a process that disinfects using the gas ozone O3. It’s an isotope of oxygen, after fluorine it’s the strongest oxidizing agent (it’s also very toxic. You can feel it within concentration of only 1,0 ppm ). It can be utilized by the water-, beverage-, juices-, pharmacy- and food industries. Ozone is produced “in situ”. Its generation and its production method vary according to its application: From air, oxygen or electro-dialysis of water for the highest request of purity.* Because of the potential of strong lethal gases, we take diligent care regarding all measurements and in maintaining acceptable limits in water and on the premises where is the generator situated.

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